We have gained the experience of being able to provide nearly any type of chimney cleaning and/or repair that you require. However, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, please contact us and we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

Chimney Inspections:
Professional Chimney Service Technicians have an industry standard that removes the “discretion” that was once an issue. Inspections are now classified as Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Each level of inspection covers specific items depending on the individual appliance and venting systems.*

Frequency of Inspections:
NFPA recommends that all chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected annually.  In addition to this requirement, there are other times when chimney and venting systems should be inspected, such as:
After any unusual, or sudden occurrence event, such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, or earthquake.
Prior to purchasing a home with an existing chimney.
Whenever changes are made to a chimney or vent system, including replacement of connected appliances.
Prior to major system repairs.

Realtor Pre-Sale Inspections:
Chimney Safety Experts specialize in working with Realtors during the home inspection phase of the sale. We can verify the findings of your home inspector and provide repairs needed to the chimney and/or fireplace to make sure that the chimney and fireplace systems either pass the inspection process or that the home buyer is fully informed of any potential issues with the systems. 

What's a Video Scan?
A video scan is where a camera system is lowered into the chimney (or pushed up from the bottom). The camera allows an inspection of the chimney from a range of just a few inches instead of just looking from the top or bottom. The camera image is viewed on a TV monitor by the inspector. 
If the customer or technician suspect certain problems, a video inspections may be recommended. It’s also used if one would like valid evidence of needed repairs. Video inspections are often recommended after a chimney fire or some other form of damage to a chimney, and are a routine part of a Level II or Level III inspection.

Chimney Relining:
Why do I have to reline? Is it affordable? Chimney relining is the most practical and affordable way to repair deteriorated or damaged chimneys. Chimneys can be damaged by a number of things: earthquakes; settling; hurricanes; lightning; worn, deteriorated liners which may allow smoke, creosote or condensation to seep through the chimney walls; when venting an existing fireplace—so as to prevent excessive creosote buildup and risk of a chimney fire; but the most common form of chimney damage is a chimney fire. In addition to chimney damage, older chimneys may be unlined or their liners may be deteriorated to the point where relining is warranted.
We will recommend the most practical and economical method for your chimney. Our technicians have the experience to recommend and install the right liner for your home.

Chimney Repairs:
Earthquake damage is the #1 cause to most chimneys. There are different routes to take in repairing a chimney, and our technicians will work with you so that you get the best quality and the most economical route.

Firebox repointing and rebuilding:
The firebox of your fireplace takes a lot of heat and abuse. If any of the bricks are loose or if any of the mortar joints are eroded back more than 1/2 inch it may be time for a repair.

Mortar Crown Repair:
The mortar crown is the concrete like surface at the top of your chimney. Its job is to shed water away from the flue and also keep water from entering the chimney chase. Cracks or missing pieces in the mortar crown can lead to extensive water damage in your chimney.  Mortar crowns may be repaired with traditional masonry products or a new product called “Crownseal”.

Damper repair:
A damper stops heat from escaping up your chimney when the fireplace is not in use. If your fireplace does not have a damper or a tight fitting set of glass doors you are pumping money up your chimney. Give us a call! We offer throat dampers and, what’s called, “top sealing dampers”.

Factory-built fireplaces:
We offer repairs for these including new chase covers, firebox walls, chimney caps, screens and glass doors.

Chimney Rebuild/Construction:
From Rebuilding an existing chimney & fireplace, to the Construction of a new one, we can tailor-make a program that fits your needs & budget. We provide complete chimney and furnace restoration as well as brick restoration for your home. We will inspect your brick work and provide a free detailed estimate. 

Chimney Construction


Mortar Repair

Fireplace & Chimney Construction