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*Courtesy of one of our Friendly Customers

I bought a new house and got two inspections/estimates for work for the chimney during my escrow period. I really liked this company right away, they had a competitive bid and the inspector Larry took the time to explain everything that needed to be done. He had great people skills and I never felt like he was trying to upsell me, it really seemed like he was finding the best solution for my and for my house.

I hired them and their crew finished the job in two days (another company had told me it would take weeks). I watched a lot of the process because I was so interested in knowing what goes into building a safe fireplace and also wanted to know what the inside of my 1928 fireplace and chimney looked like. They worked efficiently, cleanly and didn't mind explaining what they were doing. The mason laying the bricks in my firebox was a third generation mason and it was so fascinating to see his skills

The entire crew from this company were so professional and just incredibly sweet. They made my first major fix as a first time homeowner easy, hassle free and painless. Also, they carry workers comp insurance which is important to me, I want to know that people working on my house have that important protection.

miss k.
Los Angeles, CA

When I was in escrow, the Home Inspection I got called for a further inspection of the chimney. You can see on my other reviews that we had 2 people come out. This was mainly because the first firm that came out seemed weird and shady. Our REA advised us to get a second inspection. We looked around and decided on Chimney Safety Experts (CSE).

The inspection costs $49, which is WAY cheaper than the other inspection that we got. The inspector's name was Larry and I could tell right away that he is a pro. I can also tell right away that Larry loves his job. This is something that means a lot to me personally because I am someone who loves my job and it makes me sad to see people do a poor job and not care. Also, it is always pleasurable when someone notices that I care about doing a good job at work. In any case, Larry's inspection was spot on and you could tell he takes his job seriously. I hope he gets this feedback because he is a great guy and has solid skills.

When Larry from CSE got on our roof, he immediately noticed that the top of the chimney had not been removed since it was installed. This was the first indicator that my previous inspection was not an inspection but a rip off. Next, Larry looked in the back of the chimney and made some clear and understandable assessments of the issues that the chimney had. Last, Larry looked up the front of the chimney and made some other clear and concise assessments on the condition of the overall chimney. These are all things that the other company did not do. Also, the other company I used did not communicate any evidence or proof that there was anything wrong with the chimney other than the fact that their guy looked at it with a flashlight for 5 minutes.

In the end, for the price CSE quoted, they did a solid inspection and could diagnose exactly what was wrong with the chimney. They also gave a clear estimate that same day, which greatly helped us close escrow quicker. There was no, "you need an inspection for your inspection" or "we need to demo part of your chimney after the inspection for your inspection so we can do another inspection" BS we got with the other company. Everything was straight forward and solid.

I really appreciated CSE's professionalism and especially Larry's excellent service. I will do business with this company again and I recommend them highly.
Jimmy Z.
Los Angeles, CA

I'm buying a home and needed to get the chimney inspected before the close of escrow. I called around to about 4 places to get the costs of a Level 2 inspection (this includes a video camera inspection of the inside of the chimney). I found this company online, called them, and it turned out they had a great price ($49 for a Level 2 inspection). They were able to fit me in the schedule quickly. Greg did the inspection and was very nice, knowledgeable, and honest. I appreciate that they were clear on what must be done vs. what should be done, and he explained why for both. I would highly recommend them for future inspections! (And when I get the house, I'll update on how their work is.)

Elizabeth D.
Monrovia, CA

After reading your issue of September 2011 "Blowing Smoke", I initially called Chimney Safety Experts to have them come out and clean and inspect our fireplace.  Our house, a 1956 Mid Century Modern house, had not had it's chimney and fireplace cleaned and since we bought the house in April 2008 and we knew we had some issues with it. An appointment was set for 11/2/2011 and technician Nathanial showed up promptly at the appointed time.  He was very professional and explained what his service was going to entail and laid down clean cloths, inspected and vacuumed the fireplace.  He was very knowledgeable and after getting up on the roof to complete the inspection and clean,  wrote up the report of things that needed to be fixed so we could enjoy the use of our fireplace.  He explained everything very simply and clearly. After receiving the quote for the repairs, I called Monica to schedule an appropriate time for the work to be done.  On 12/12/2011, technicians Thomas and David arrived promptly at 8:30am and began preparing for the work ahead. Of course, this was the first rainy day in Los Angeles, and only half the work could be done.  Even though it was raining, great care with dropcloths was taken by Thomas and David and no mud or mess came inside our house.  At all times, they were courteous and professional even with the rain. At 11:30am, they had done all they could and were going to return the next day to finish the job, weather permitting.  On 12/13/2011, the sun was shining and Thomas and David arrived at 8am to complete the work. Within a short time, they were able to access the roof and complete all necessary exterior work and complete the remaining interior work.  Once done, the process was again fully explained and Thomas made sure we knew how to operate our new damper system.  We also understood we couldn't use the fireplace for at least 10 days so the new "Chamber-Tech 2000" cement could cure.  All of this work came with a 20 year guarantee!  Our fireplace would be ready for use by 12/24/2011.  What a fantastic Christmas present!  From start to finish, Chimney Safety Experts were a pleasure to deal with and wouldn't hesitate recommending them.  They will be company going forward that will be taking care of our chimney!

We used the Chimney Safety Experts to repair and reinforce the chimney in our new house recently. They were very patient with us in discussing options and opposing bids, and really worked with us not only to do the best job but to get us the best price. Would definitely use them again for future repairs (but hopefully we won't need any!)
Great. No complaints. Very fast and efficient.

My experience with Chimney Safety Experts was really exceptional from start to finish.  We just bought a very old house that needed a new roof, and the roofing companies we contacted told us they couldn't start any work until the chimney was repaired with new flashing installed.  I called CSE in a bit of hurry because I wanted to make sure we got the roof work done before the rainy season started.  They answered the phone and were able to schedule an appointment with Larry at our house on the same day I called.  When I met Larry, he was very friendly and took the time to explain everything that was going on.  He came up with a couple of options of what we could do to repair the chimney.  But the best part was that he really listened to what our situation was, and understanding that none of the options he originally came up with were going to meet our timeline or budget, he came up with an even better option for repair of the chimney.  AND he was able to squeeze us into his schedule within 3 days, which was super important for us.  From there, Larry and his guys took care of all the planning and details to get the work done.  They did all the work on Saturday and Sunday which was amazing.  He also coordinated with our roofer to install the proper chimney flashing as part of the job.  The end result was a truly amazing-looking chimney top, and our roofer was able to start work the following week.  Mission accomplished.

They were awesome and a great price compared to another firm I had gotten an estimate from.  Larry is a super cool guy and speaks to you in plain English about what needs to be done.  His crew were very professional and you can tell from watching them work that they are great craftsmen.  The guy building my firebox was a third generation mason and it was super cool to see how neatly and quickly he worked.  The job was pretty messy but they cleaned up everything.

As I move forward to renovate other parts of my house, I wish all contractors were like Larry.  No nonsense, did what he said he would, communicated clearly and right away.  Also, someone who really cares about his job!   I recommend him without hesitation.

I have a very old corner/angled fireplace that was allowing smoke to come inside the home.  Larry identified the problem as a rupture in the pipe which was allowing smoke to seep out and back down into the house.  When he took the pipe out to repair it, he found out that there was no elbow pipe where there should have been (for the curve and angle) and that the smoke (and possibly sparks) could have gotten into the framing. The original pipe was not from the manufacturer and was indeed the wrong kind of pipe, and the company had been out of business for 15 years.  His crew was very efficient in locating the proper parts.  Larry invited me on the roof to look down into the chimney so I could fully understand the situation.
Larry and his crew were very prompt, thorough and explained everything in detail while explaining the various options available (with the pros and cons).  They were very concerned with the cleanliness of their job for which I was grateful.  They came at the time promised and completed the work in one day (even though it required more time than anticipated...not due to their fault).  Unlike other companies I interviewed, they spoke English so the communication was very clear.  I would highly recommend them.